Group Publishing

I have recently become a freelance writer for Group Publishing in Loveland, Colorado. Here, I write small columns for their Children’s Ministry Magazine. My columns are in the process of being edited and I will post them here as soon as they are through the editing stage!

The Review

This is the first blog that I have wrote for, writing book reviews. This blog combines two of my favorite things: reading and writing. Each book that I read, I write a review and a recommendation. I provide a summary of the book as well as the good and bad things that I find while reading it then at the end of the blog I rate the book.

City and County of Broomfield Aquatics Newsletters

I took on a project to design and distribute newsletters to the staff in the aquatics department. The newsletter features updated about facilities, reminders and in-service information. I distributed the newsletter through email, laid out the pages, gathered the necessary information and took pictures. I have included newsletters from spring and summer 2014.

March Aquatics Newsletter

April Newsletter

May Newsletter

June Newsletter

July Newsletter

August Newsletter

Colorado home-brewers make what they like

This is my most recent trend article. Home brewing has become a very popular hobby in Colorado and I know many people who make their own beer. There is a home brewing store down the street from my house so to get all the information for this article, I interviewed two beer experts there. This article was published in the student produced newspaper on the MSU Denver campus, The Metropolitan.

Fighting Cancer is a Family Thing

This article was the first profile article that I wrote. I chose to do the profile on a woman whose son was fighting cancer. I met her and her son at the pool that I work at before he was diagnosed and have watched their family through his treatment. Talking with her about her son’s cancer and how it has changed their family made this article go from just a profile article to a story about a warrior and the support system that helped him through the hardest time in his life.

Stop Whining about Wine: How to Just Pick One

This article is a how- to article about picking out a wine and how to pair it with a dinner choice. I went to Dave Co liquors in Denver and interviewed one of their wine specialists, learning how to choose a wine and what kind of wines go with different foods. This was a challenging article for me to write because of the information that I collected (there was a lot of it) but I love a challenge and am proud of how the article turned out.

The Adventure Run

The Adventure Run is an event that I covered for the student produced magazine. I wrote the story, laid out the pages and photos and interviewed employees at The Endurance House. The photos I gathered were from the Adventure Run Facebook page and their main website. I was also able to interview an employee at Endurance House (a running store in Broomfield). This story was interesting for me because I have many friends who participate in the Adventure Run every summer and love doing it.


The Burton Open

I covered this event in March 2014. This was an article for the student produced magazine I wrote the article and I had the opportunity to take all the photographs in this article. It was also my job to lay the photos and the story into the page space I was given. I was able to get a press pass which gave me access to press boxes on the half pipe as well as getting me into the press room where I was able to interview the gold and bronze medal winners of the men’s half pipe event. It was a fantastic experience for me and took my writing, interviewing, and page layout skills to the next level.

Burton1 – Spread #1

Burton2 -Spread # 2